Tips for Teeth Whitening Treatment by the Best Dentist for Better Oral Health, Charlotte

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Sometimes simply brushing your teeth and flossing them later cannot improve the actual condition of your teeth. They could remain yellow. And if you are going through these issues, you would want to consider other options as well. Teeth can become yellow because of various reasons. These issues could be the ones on the outside or those on the inside, certain issues which are not under our control could affect the color of our teeth, thereby affecting our dental aesthetics. There are several teeth whitening products that could help us bring the life back to our teeth. These products can be both- provided to us through dental treatments and appointment, and two, they can be provided through the means of over the counter medication.

Here are certain tips/things you would like to know before getting your teeth whitened:

  • First of all, you would like to know what exactly caused your teeth to turn yellow? Well, your daily lifestyle made sure that your pearly whites are not so pearly right now. Coffees, cigarettes, wine. Soda, candies, junk food, sugar, everything! Everything combined can give you yellowed teeth. Our teeth enamel layer has non-visible tiny pores; the enamel is supposed to protect your teeth against all of the things mentioned above. However, through these pores, over a period, the things you consume seep through. And after some time, all of this makes your teeth to go from white to whatever color they are right now. Because of these things, your enamel layer tends to erode away.
  • Other reasons why your teeth are discolored can be because of excessive antibiotic intake, or even excessive fluoride intake. Both of these things can cause the teeth to develop stains. Genetic reasons are one of the reasons for yellow teeth.

Once you visit your dental care provider for the teeth whitening treatment, your dental care provider is going first to make sure your mouth is clean. A dental cleaning would do the work. Then they would ensure that they dry your mouth out. Saliva can interrupt during the teeth whitening treatment and hence it is made sure that your teeth are alienated from the saliva in your mouth.

Once your teeth have been alienated, a special dental gel is going to be applied over your teeth. Some dental care providers take help of dental trays to make sure dental gel is applied generously and closely, for a long time. Once the gel is applied, a special bleaching light is going to be used over the gel to make sure the results are effective. Finally, your teeth will be given a wash, and you would now be able to say hello to your new and bright pearly whites.

Here are other things that you would want to know before you make an appointment with the best dentist in Charlotte for your teeth whitening treatment.

  • Not everyone has the same results. The procedure sometimes does not work the same way for everyone. While this is very rare but still true. What worked for someone you know, might not work for you.
  • The customized trays through which professional teeth whitening happens might not be the right size for your dental aesthetics, and thus, the treatment would not give you the results that you expected.
  • Switch to desensitizing toothpaste a couple of weeks before your treatment day.
  • Talk to your dentist about desensitizing antibiotics to be taken before/ after the treatment.
  • Make sure you do not drink alcohol or smoke before you are up for your appointment. Starting at least a couple of days before.

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