Four Reasons You Need Teeth Whitening, Charlotte

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  1. Teeth whitening, as the name suggests, means whitening the teeth by several grades or degrees. It is a process which can be done at home or in the dental clinic. Without teeth whitening, the whole appearance of the face and especially of the mouth can go for a total toss. A person looks very unkempt if the teeth are yellowed or stained. Thus, it is necessary to make them whiter by undergoing teeth whitening procedures.
  2. Teeth whitening at home can be done by using dental whitening trays. These are manufactured in the dental laboratory after taking an impression of the teeth and gums of a patient. The trays are smeared with whitening gel and worn over the teeth and gums. This is done for a given number of hours in a day and a given number of days. The teeth start to whiten slowly, but surely. However, this procedure is not permanent. Teeth whitened in this manner can become yellowed or stained again if they are not looked after properly with due care for oral hygiene.
  3. Teeth whitening, if not done, will result in teeth rotting and getting infected more easily. Hence it is necessary to undertake this action. Teeth whitening can be done with natural remedies like using apple cider vinegar, baking soda, oil pulling, Vinegar et al. These home remedies are very useful in whitening the teeth. However, as mentioned above, even these are temporary and need to be substantiated with regular teeth cleaning and having a very good system for oral hygiene. For example, a patient should brush his or her teeth twice daily at least and for at least two minutes each time. Also, they should do so with proper technique and also go in for regular dental flossing as well.
  4. Teeth whitening in the dental clinic is done with the help of lasers. For this procedure, one should go in for teeth prepping, before anything else. After this, the teeth are smeared with an activating gel or lotion. Laser beams are passed over the teeth at a given frequency and wavelength for a given duration of time (about half an hour to one hour). This will result in teeth whitening by several degrees or grades. A beautiful and sparkling smile will be the result of this treatment. This procedure may be repeated once more for more effective results. However, like teeth whitening at home, this too is a temporary procedure. It needs to be aided and abetted by teeth cleaning and good oral hygiene habits. Teeth whitening can also be done with the help of whitening gums, and toothpaste meant for this purpose. Their action, too, is temporary. One should not eat food items like beetroot after whitening. This may result in teeth staining. As will a lot of intake of coffee, red wine and other such beverages and drinks. Also, a person should not smoke to take in nicotine products. These two will spoil the effect of any teeth whitening.
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