Everything you need to know about Sedation Dentistry in Charlotte

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Do have fears sitting in a dentist chair or receiving any dental care? Sedation Dentistry will be a great option for you. Nowadays, there are new options offered that can help patients get relaxed and calm when getting dental treatment.

Get to know more about Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry definition and origin

Sedation dentistry is a treatment used by a dentist to establish a relaxed and calm state with the use of sedatives. Sedation was part of dental processes way back 170 years ago, and it got back in the 1770s. Nitrous Oxide was the specific gas used, and it was discovered by Joseph Priestley. He thought this might be used as a preservative. That specific gas was used as an analgesic. In Spite of the setback, it is still used as an analgesic by most dental and medical care.  Today, if a patient receives a nitrous gas, they will receive it by a mask and in a few minutes they will start feeling light-headed and will experience a euphoric feeling that will help the patient get relaxed.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Receiving a sedation treatment may depend on what dental procedure you will undergo and the level of your fear and anxiety.  

Reduces Pain

One of the reasons why people fear going to a dentist is because they are worried about the pain they will experience. Dental sedation can address this concern.

Unawareness of the Duration

Patients receiving this treatment may feel that their procedure took only a few minutes when in fact, it took the procedure hours to be completed. Complex or Extensive procedures that usually requires multiple appointments will only require fewer appointments.

Provide Relaxation

It has been explained above that sedation dentistry will get you relaxed. Staying calm is required during procedures because when you are getting anxious, our body emits stress hormones that affect blood pressure.

Reduces Anxiety

Anxious about the long dental procedure? Well, this sedation dentistry will help you get comfortable and achieve your smile that you always wanted.

Sleep Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry

Some people may get Sedation Dentistry dubbed into Sleep Dentistry, and it is misleading. Sedation Dentistry may get you sleepy, but you don’t get to sleep during the procedure. It keeps you awake during the process, but it will get you relaxed that most likely you won’t remember the long procedure.

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